Maghery sunset

After dinner, Connor Jorge and I went to Maghery to see Aine practicing with the band. At the football pitch we were running with Paula, Sara and Connor Diver. When the band finished we went to the beach to enjoy the sunset. On the beach we took some photos and Ciara taught us how to play the flute. Then we went to the pub and Jorge played pool. At 11pm we returned home. We had a snack and  we went to bed at 12 a.m.


We are in Maghery again.

Hi everybody, we are in Maghery again. This time we brought ten people apart of Ramón and me we got  Co Donegal, on the 7th of July with a very cold weather. Fortunately from yesterday we are enjoying sunny days and  along the week we,ll hang post from each students and some nice picks from them too. Contact you soon again.


Reflections from our summer interns/Reflecciones de nuestros becarios del verano

Inma and Ramón have already arrived in Maghery for this year’s summer camp and for the past six weeks we’ve had three interns here at Madrid HQ helping us with all of our different projects. They’ve written reflections, both in English and Spanish of their time here, as well as modeling Inma and Kate bags. We hope you enjoy their thoughts and we miss them already!

Inma y Ramón ya han llegado a Maghery para el campamento de verano de este año y durante las últimas seis semanas hemos tenido a tres becarios en nuestra sede madrileña ayudándonos con todos nuestros proyectos. Han escrito algunas reflecciones, en inglés y castellano de su tiempo aquí, además de algunas fotos de ellos con varios modelos de bolsos de Inma and Kate. Esperamos que disfrutéis de sus palabras. ¡Y ya les echamos de menos!



As interns, Megan, Katie and I had a wonderful half of a summer.  Inma and Ramón were great influences at the workplace, both in the office and at the wine tastings.  I think we can all say that we have learned a lot this summer from both of them.  I know personally that I have learned a lot about the retail industry from both a domestic and international perspective.  Being business majors, this internship was a perfect placement for the three of us, as Inma is starting yet another business.  The three of us got a firsthand view of how to start with nothing and turn it into a successful and profitable business.  The main thing I took away from Inma and Ramón is how much work they put into their business.  I’ll never forget how every day when Inma would come into the office, we would get to hear about all different kinds of work and late nights that she had been through.  Admittedly, we did not work quite as much as Inma; however, while at work, the four of us would work nonstop.  Ramón was a different story as most of his work was outside the office.  While Inma was focusing on one business, Ramón was working on many businesses.  I thought that working for Camacho y Seijas this summer has helped me grow as a business man and also a person.

Megan, Katie y yo  hemos pasado un buen tiempo este verano como becarios.  Inma y Ramón fueron influencias buenas en la oficina, si fue el despacho o las catas de vino.  Pienso que podemos decir que hemos aprendido mucho este verano por Inma y Ramón.  Personalmente, yo sé que he aprendido muchas cosas sobre la industria al menudeo desde una perspectiva domestica e internacional.  Como estudiantes de los negocios, esta práctica era el lugar perfecto para nosotros, especialmente porque Inma estaba lanzando otra compañía.  Podíamos ver cómo empezar una empresa con nada y crecerla hasta que se vuelve a tener éxito.  La cosa más importante que aprendí por ver a Inma y Ramón es que ellos trabajan por sol a sol.  Nunca voy a olvidar las horas largas que trabaja Inma y los cuentos que ella nos decía cuando llegamos al despacho.  Sus cuentos me parecieron a cuentos de horror cuando ella nos decía que trabajó durante casi toda la noche.  De verdad, es que no trabajamos tanto como Inma; sin embargo, nunca paramos de trabajar cuando estábamos en el despacho.  Ramón era un cuento diferente a causa de que la mayoría de su trabajo pasó fuera del despacho.  Mientras Inma se enfocaba en solo una empresa, Ramón trabajaba en varias empresas distintas.  Pienso que trabajar en Camacho y Seijas me ayudó a crecer como hombre de negocios y también como persona.



We have learned a lot through our experience interning with Inma and Ramón at Camacho y Seijas this summer. Working abroad has taught us about business culture in Spain and in the European Union as a whole as well as giving us an opportunity to practice Spanish language in a real-world atmosphere. We reported to work each morning and were delegated tasks including completing day-to-day operations for Camacho y Seijas and researching, translating and web designing for Inma’s newest business venture, Inma and Kate. We learned about the vast amount of work that goes into launching, building and maintaining an international retail business and sincerely wish for the success of Inma and Kate, which is soon to hit markets in the European Union and the United States. Though we did not see Ramón in the office every day, we were able to meet him at wine tastings throughout Madrid. We feel fortunate for Ramón to have shared some of his vast amount of knowledge of wine with us at these meetings.

Hemos aprendido mucho por nuestra práctica con Inma y Ramón en Camacho y Seijas este verano.  Trabajar al extranjero nos ha enseñado mucho de la cultura de los negocios en España y en toda la Unión Europea.  Además, nos ha dado la oportunidad de practicar el español por hacer deberes  reales en un país hispanohablante.  Cada mañana cuando llegábamos, Inma nos daba tareas sobre las operaciones cotidianas de sus empresas que incluyeron haciendo investigaciones, traduciendo cosas para el blog y ayudando con el diseño del sitio Web y casi todo que hicimos fue para la empresa nueva de Inma que se llama Inma and Kate.  Aprendimos sobre la grande cantidad de trabajo necesario para lanzar, crecer y mantener una empresa internacional de las vendidas y sinceramente esperemos que tendrá éxito Inma and Kate cuando esta disponible al mercado en la Unión Europea y los Estados Unidos muy pronto.   Aunque no veíamos a Ramón todos los días en el despacho, aprendimos mucho sobre el vino por ir consigo a varias catas de vino por todo Madrid. Estamos agradecidos que Ramón nos enseñaba solo un poco del enorme cantidad de conocimiento que tiene él sobre los vinos.



Interning with Camacho y Seijas has taught us many things about how a business if built from the very beginning stages. We worked alongside Inma and Ramon both in and outside of the office. For example, some days we would travel to Chinchon with Inma to see how the factory operated, we would attend wine tastings with Ramon and learn many interesting facts about Spanish wines, some days we would even go to a café and get treated to breakfast and coffee.

Aprendí  una variedad de cosas por trabajar en Camacho y Seijas, especialmente sobre la creación de una empresa nueva. Otros dos estudiantes americanos y yo trabajamos con Inma y Ramón cada día en el despacho y también fuera del despacho. Por ejemplo, hemos asistido a unas catas de vinos, a la fábrica de los bolsos, y a veces a descansar rápidamente en un café. Aunque trabajando fuera del despacho fue muy divertido, mucho del trabajo más importante era en el despacho. Cada día, trabajamos con aspectos diferentes de la compañía. Aprendimos cosas que implica; la contabilidad y financias de la empresa, el funcionamiento del negocio de los bolsos en la internet, el diseño de un sitio web, y muchas cosas interesantes sobre vinos españoles. Sobre todo, aprendí  que es necesario ser un emprendedor. Para mí, era muy interesante trabajar en un país extranjero con una cultura de negocios diferente que en los Estados Unidos. Pienso que trabajar en esta cultura me ha enseñado mucho y me ha ayudado a crecer como persona. A mí me gustaba trabajar aquí y recomendaría esta práctica para alguien interesado en los negocios internacionales y quien quiere mejorar su español.

Season’s Greetings from Silvia and Laura

“I’d like to speak English more fluidly and with more confidence,”  We’ve talked about food, cooking, shopping, travel, and a little bit about pop culture. In addition, we’ve talked about work, clothes, our families, and our daily routines. We’d like to go to museums to see how you talk about art in English. We’d like to travel to different places and it’s often easier to find English-speakers when traveling abroad. Silvia wants to go to Vienna.

“Tomorrow, I’m going from Madrid to A Coruña. A Coruña is a city in the northwest of Spain. I’m going to see friends who I haven’t seen in many years. I’m very happy and excited to go to A Coruña. I’m also going to see my sister after I see my friends. I’ll be in A Coruña for three days.”- Silvia.

Merry Christmas!

Thoughts from Colum on the 2014 Maghery Summer Course

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I arrived in the wet yet wonderful paradise of Donegal nearly three weeks ago. You can nearly see the cattle and sheep smile as they munch on the fantastic lush exotic green grass. My first encounter to this mystical land was an awareness of the constant happiness that prevails through all the local community. As I drove down the windy roads from the local town of Dunloe to Maghery I was amazed that every person I passed gave the usual customary wave of welcome, a tradition that has existed here for hundreds of years. Their happiness and contentment is almost infectious. It is amazing to find that news passes here through word of mouth quicker than it does through Google.

My first introduction to the students was extremely memorable. Twelve faces that looked up at me glistened with excitement and happiness. This was the beginning of our journey together delving into the culture of Donegal as well as the challenge of bringing their knowledge of English to the next level.

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Our home was the picturesque Maghery where Denis, the owner of the cottages gave us his constant attention making us feel extremely welcome every day of the week. From Maghery one can travel in any given directin discovering unbelievable scenery that constantly takes your breath away. It is no wonder that musicians, artists, painters and sculptors come from across the world to be inspired here by this incredible landscape.

The students can be very proud of themselves as they were exemplary ambassadors of their country and families. I feel extremely privileged to have been their mentor and teacher. They excelled in everything they did from advancing their English to participating in chores and activities. They worked autonomously and injected a new spirit in the already creative imagination of the area. At present they are working on their last project. This involves working together as a team using their imagination and creativity to show appreciation to their team leaders Inma and Ramon.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the local families who participated in our teaching project. I would also like to thank Geraldine who cooked, entertained and kept my sanity, the local dancers, musicians and Mick the publican who generously allowed the children free wife at any stage and the people in the community centre. Finally I would like to thank my colleague Kate for her teaching input and last but not least Inma and Ramon who have worked endlessly throughout our combined journey. Inma and Ramon gave tirelessly in their time at creating adventures and programmes that have left the students with wonderful memories for many years to come. I have constantly reminded the students that life is about creativity and opportunity. These young people have the ability to become anything they wish for and are not defined by making small mistakes or little failings and falling down in life but by how they get back up and address the issues. May I leave them with an old Irish proverb;

“Is Fiú agus is Feídir” – “If there is a will, there is a way”.


Our dearest sympathies…

It is with deep sadness that we acknowledge the passing of one of our host fathers from our summer course in Ireland, Seamus Hunter. We did so many fun activities with him and his family. It was a great experience for us to get to know him and his family’s way of life. In particular, there were two days that were the most significant: our visit to the oyster farm and our afternoon horseback-riding.

We visited the family´s oyster farm one Sunday where Seamus took us out on the flatbed truck through the bog in the bay. Some of us even got to go pick out oysters and mussels from the bogs and it was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. We took plenty of pictures and Ramón had the best time of all eating the oysters with Seamus fresh out of the pouches! And one afternoon, most of us went to the Hunter family´s farm and we rode on their horses. For some of us, it was our first time riding horses! We did two laps around the farm around sunset. The views were precious as the sun set down on such a magnificent landscape. This two activities were some of the highlights of the summer.

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To Karen, Patrick, Aine, Connor, and Aidan: we’re so sorry for your loss and know that you have over a dozen families in Spain here for you.